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The Arkansas Ambulance Association (ArAA) is a professional trade organization for EMS and mobile health care providers in Arkansas. For over two decades, the ArAA has worked to promote and support matters critical to its members' success.

Our Mission ....

"The ArAA is committed to promoting excellence in emergency medical services and mobile health care transportation. Our members work collaboratively to find better ways to serve others. "

Our Goal ...

The ArAA members pursue a common goal -- to deliver quality, professional care to those we serve. To help us achieve this goal, the ArAA is committed to the following objectives:

Advance the science and art of prehospital care,

Afford its members opportunities for the interchange of ideas with respect to the science and art of prehospital care, and for the publication of information thereon,

Establish cooperative liaison activities with other associations, organizations and governmental agencies interested in the improvement of prehospital care,

Establish criteria for the standards of all levels of services whereby members of the Association can achieve recognition and receive accreditation for their progress within the prehospital care systems.
ArAA Bylaws
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