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How to join ArAA
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The Arkansas Ambulance Association (ArAA) is a non-profit 501-c(6) organization incorporated in the State of Arkansas. Our organization is committed to the concerns of all sectors of the ambulance service community. Members include volunteers, public, private, and third service providers.

We value the input and involvement of our members. In fact, it's the fuel that keeps our organization moving forward. For more than three decades, the ArAA has been listening to our members and promoting those issues that are most important to them.

The ArAA annual membership period is September 1 through August 31. Annual membership fees as payable by September 1. As part of your membership, you will receive special discounts on seminars and conferences sponsored by the ArAA, regular e-mail updates when you become part of our on-line contact forum, access to the ArAA website, plus much more. Your membership also supports our daily activities to review and react to the impact of legislative activity statewide and nationally as well as any federal or state agency policy or program changes. We maintain the unique ability to interface with policy members and lawmakers on behalf of our membership.

We need your involvement today not only as a member but through your daily involvement in our association. Our committees are focused on specific areas of concern to ambulance services and are always looking for member involvement .

Please join us as we continue in our efforts to promote service excellence. If you have any specific questions regarding membership or ArAA activities, please contact us. You can reach the ArAA by phone at 870-875-2273 or by e-mail at


The ArAA's EMS Development Grant Promgram is available to all Arkansas licensed providers. This program helps fund equipment purchases and other items necessary to enhance EMS services across the state. The program provides different levels of matching funds based on active membership in the ArAA. Member services currently receive a 80/20 matching grant while non-member services receive 20/80 matches. To be considered for a member grant, the service must have been a paid member in good standing for the current membership year and the previous year as defined in the grant program guidelines.

Ensure that you receive the most by joining the ArAA today!


NOTE:The IRS has determined that ArAA dues are non-deductable as a business expense to the extent that they support lobbying activities.
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