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Membership Classifications
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Active Member

Any person representing an ambulance organization, service, or agency, which operates a licensed ambulance service in the State of Arkansas, can hold this class of membership. Only active members can vote or hold office within the organization. Annual fees are based on the highest level of ambulance service licensure maintained by the provider.

BLS $300/year (providers who bill for their services)
ALS $600/year

*Providers licensed at multiple levels must join at the highest level of licensure. Additionally, those providers who maintain bases of operations in multiple counties must pay annual dues for each county in which they maintain an operations prescense.

Affiliate Member

Individuals, organizations, or entities engaged in the manufacturing, sale, rental, or support of products, goods, or services to the ambulance industry can hold this class of membership. The partnerships formed by active ArAA members and our affiliates have helped to propel the ambulance industry forward not only within the state, but nationwide. Annual fees are just $100 per year. Affiliate members must be approved by the board of directors. Benefits include :

     - Opportunities to market your products/services to over 60 member organizations.
     - Networking opportunities at various statewide and regional meetings and conferences.
     - Discounts for vendor opportunities at statewide and regional meetings and conferences.

Ensure that you receive the most by joining the ArAA today!


NOTE:The IRS has determined that ArAA dues are non-deductable as a business expense to the extent that they support lobbying activities.
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