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ArAA Scholarship Program
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The ArAA has temporarily suspended the awarding of EMS scholarships. The Board of Directors approved the suspension at the annual meeting held on August 4, 2016.

Please visit this page for all news concerning the program and for any updates for when the program may be reactivated.

The ArAA Scholarship Program has a long history of helping men and women pursue a rewarding career in EMs to S. Since its inception more than two decades ago, the scholarship program has funded over 400 scholarships totalling more than $600,000 for EMT and paramedic students across Arkansas. Contributions from individuals, member agencies, ArAA sponsored fund raisers, and funding through special legislation has enabled us to continue this worthwhile program. If you are interested in making a donation, contact:

Arkansas Ambulance Association
EMS Scholarship Program
C/O Donald Shull
1701 E. Beebe-Capps Expy
Searcy, Arkansas 72143
501-268-2353 Office
501-268-7026 Fax


Help us continue to support our industry and those who are willing to give of themselves to help others. Your contribution to the ArAA EMS Scholarship program is greatly appreciated.
Arkansas Ambulance Association
Fall 2016 Start Dates -**CLOSED**   due by June 24, 2016

Spring 2017 Start Dates - **SUSPENDED**